Unfortunately we can not accept any refunds or returns for any purchases unless a break remains unfilled for more than 7 days after it's original scheduled date or is cancelled.

The nature of buying any sealed collectible cards is that you don't know what cards will actually be in the pack or the box. This is true whether you open the pack or box yourself or whether you have us open it for you on a live stream. This is also true whether you are buying a pack or box personally, or splitting it with a group based on the group rules we have defined.

This is why there is no refund option for opened packs, boxes or cases, regardless of what cards you may get. This is the nature of collecting cards in sealed wax, and if you are not comfortable with the inherent lack of control over what cards you will get, then you should not participate in Cards & Treasure breaks (or anyone else's for that matter).

Once we mail your cards and they are in the possession of USPS or other carrier, we deem your cards to have been delivered. Any claims for lost cards in the mail should be made with the carrier.

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