Break pricing depends on 3 factors: 1) the price of the product, 2) the number of participants in a break, and 3) the style of break.

Let's assume that the price of a given box of cards is $550 if you ordered it online or from a local hobby shop. In a Group Break, we may price that box at $600 (as an example). All our pricing is in USD.

Next, let's assume that there are 10 spots in a random team break (where everyone pays the same amount). This means that each participant would need to pay $600/10 = $60. There could also be 30 participants in a break, which would mean $600/30 = $20 per spot.

In a Pick-Your-Team (PYT) break, every team is priced differently. Teams are priced based on the potential quality of the cards associated with that team. For any given year of product, what determines a team's value is generally the strength of their rookies, since rookie cards have the greatest potential value. So in 2020-21 Basketball as an example, the Charlotte Hornets would be the most expensive team because collectors are chasing LaMelo Ball cards.

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