Knowing what team a card is associated with is a seemingly simple question, but there are times when it gets more complex. Different people use different rules of play, and here are ours:

1. Cards go to the team name that is printed on the card (this is the easy one!)

2. If multiple teams are listed for the same player, or there is no team listed on the card, we will use the jersey the player appears in

3. If there are multiple pictures of the player in different jerseys, we will use the top-left or top or left image depending on the layout of the card

4. Players in a non-professional uniform (college, high school, olympic, etc.) will go to the professional team they currently play for. If they are retired we will first check what team the card is assigned to on, and if there is no checklist, the card will go to the team the player played for the longest going by season, and if a tie then by games played.

5. If there are multiple players on a card, the card will be assigned based on the layout of the players: a) if vertical layout then the top player; b) if horizontal layout then leftmost player; c) if a grid layout then top-left player.

6. If the above steps do not lead to any definitive decision then the Breaker may put all contending teams into the randomizer and the team that comes up on top will be assigned to that card

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