What does Dr. Lemco have to say about team breaks? Or skip the video if you must and have a read through the below.

In Random Team breaks we randomly assign 1 or more teams from the relevant league to a participant using our awesome slot machine randomizer. That participant then gets all cards from the break that are associated with their assigned team(s).

NBA example: you get assigned the Dallas Mavericks, if a Luca Doncic card is pulled that card is yours.

Before cards are opened, we use our purpose built slot machine randomizer to randomly assign teams. Breaks will detail how many teams are included with each spot in the break - it can be 1, 2 or 3 teams per spot. Here is an example of a 3-team/spot break with 3 random teams allocated to each participant:

Sometimes it can be unclear what team a player is on - read this article for details on how cards get assigned to teams.

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